Los Angeles Ironmen #35

Player Name: Al Fernandez

Instagram: @althethird

Number: #35

Position: Back / Insert

Hometown: Salinas, California

Age: 27

Gear Used: M2 MOSAir | i5 Goggle |  R2 Loader | 15″ Carbon Fiber Boomstick

Years playing: 13 years, 4 pro

First paintball experience: My first time playing paintball was at a friend’s birthday party when I was around 11-years-old back in 2001. His Uncle had a paintball field set up in his backyard. I remember profusely sweating because of the 4 or 5 layers I was wearing, having to play in a bunker that was next to a bee hive, and not shooting a single person all day. It was a blast.

Proudest paintball moment:  Being a teammate of Shaner.

Biggest Rival Team / Player ac: Dallas / A-Rod

Favorite drill: 1 vs. 1

Interests outside of paintball:  Backpacking & Hiking

What do you drive:  2007 VW GTI

Top five music artists:  Kanye, Pink Floyd, MF DOOM, Interpol, Miles Davis

One thing you want to do before you die:  Learn another lanugauge

Goals for 2017:   Win.