Los Angeles Ironmen #4

Player Name: Jerry Caro

Instagram: @jcaro4

Number: #4

Position: Front / Snake

Hometown: California

Age: 22

Gear Used: M2 MOSAir | i5 Goggle |  R2 Loader | 15″ Carbon Fiber Boomstick

Years playing:  9

First paintball experience: First time ever playing was in 2006 at my friend’s house in his backyard. We would shoot cans with BB guns. After that got old, we decided to buy paintball guns so we could shoot at each other instead. He had a few acres of land. We set up bunkers out of hay bails and plywood. The rest is history.

Proudest paintball moment:  My proudest paintball moment would have to be in 2014 when I came back to play paintball after taking a break because of high school and college football. I came back to play in D3 with San Jose Royalty. We placed 2nd in all five events and ended up winning the 2014 series in the WCPPL.

Biggest Rival Team / Player I would have to say my biggest rival is Dynasty. I would watch YouTube videos of them hoping to one day play professional paintball. It’s always a grudge match between us and makes for a fun, exciting match to watch.

Favorite drill: My favorite drill to run is 2 on 2. It’s a fun drill to do that requires you to communicate and work with your teammate.

Interests outside of paintball:  When I’m not playing paintball, I like to spend my time with friends and family. I love watching football, which I played until the age of 20 in college.

What do you drive:  2007 Nissan Frontier

Top five music artists:  Rebelution, J.cole, Russ, Slumdog Regime, and Mac Dre

One thing you want to do before you die:  Take my mom on vacation wherever she would like to go and just enjoy the moment with her.

Goals for 2017:   To win some events and be in the top four all season.