Los Angeles Ironmen #19

Player Name: Keith DeVit

Instagram: @keithdevit17

Number: #19

Position: Mid

Hometown: Wallingford, Connecticut

Age: 30

Gear Used: M2 MOSAir | i5 Goggle |  R2 Loader | 15″ Carbon Fiber Boomstick

Years playing:12

First paintball experience: Back of the woods of my dads shop. It was myself  my friend drew and my father.  We did a three person death match, everyone for themselves.

Proudest Paintball Moment: Getting on the Ironmen

Biggest Rival Team / Player: Nuke them all

Favorite drill: Run & Gun

Interests Outside of Paintball: Pretty much anything that gets my heart rate/blood pumping

What Do You Drive: Benzo and a Chevy

Top Five Music Artists: JT, JT, JT, JT, JT

One thing you want to do before you die: To unleash hell in a tank and not be held accountable for any of it.