Los Angeles Ironmen #5

Player Name: Kyle Spicka

Instagram: @kylegosling

Number: #5

Position: Front / Snake

Hometown: Wilmington, NC

Age: 27

Gear Used: DSR DYECam | i5 Goggle |  R2 Loader | 15″ Carbon Fiber Boomstick

Years playing: 14

First paintball experience: My middle school friend’s dad had built a course in his back yard. To be able to play, I had to first stand 20 yards away and let a friend shoot me. As terrifying as I was at 14 years old, I instantly became addicted.

Proudest paintball moment: Winning 2015 World Cup

Biggest rival team/player: Alex Goldman & Brandon Short

Favorite drill: 1v1

Interests outside of paintball: Fashion

What do you drive: Audi A3

Top five music artists: The Xx, Calvin Harris, Majid Jordan, Drake, Kanye West

One thing you want to do before you die: Run a multi-million dollar clothing company.

Goals for 2018: Take the Ironmen back to the top of the podium, reach a new personal level of performance and consistency, and influence/teach a large amount of our paintball community.