Los Angeles Ironmen – Team Manager

Player Name: Billy Wing

Instagram: @bwing21

Position: Team Manager

Hometown: Santa Rosa, California

Age: 40

Gear Used: i5 Goggle

Years playing: 28 years total with 14.5 years pro with Ironmen (1997-2011)

First paintball experience:  I think summer of 1989 in Santa Rosa, CA. Undeveloped city land (outlaw field) wrist rockets, Splatmasters, shop goggles, and 200rd boxes of Cal-mag for $25 per box. Hide and hunt. 200rds would last two people all day.

Proudest paintball moment:  2007 & 2008 back-to-back world cup wins.

Biggest Rival Team / Player: Phily Americans, extreme love/hate with the player formally known as Oliver Lang.

Favorite drill: Target practice and race to 50 3v3

Interests outside of paintball: There are other things outside of paintball?  Moto GP, hunting, real estate investments

What do you drive: 2014 Ford Edge & 2016 Acura TLX

Top five music artists: Sirius XM radio – 90s on 9, pop2k, Fox news network, Comedy central radio, BBC radio

One thing you want to do before you die:  Shark cave dive in S.A.

Goals for 2018:  World peace? Get back to my fighting weight