Los Angeles Ironmen – Head Coach

Player Name: Todd Martinez

Instagram: @razapaintball

Position: Head Coach

Hometown: San Diego, California

Age: 37

Gear Used: i5 Goggle | Raza Shorts | Megaphone | Pilot G2 Pen | Walmart XXL Clipboard

Years playing: 22

First paintball experience: Albuquerque NM, I played walk-ons with my dad in 1995 and watched him bunker people our first time out while I hid in the back with my pump gun.

Proudest paintball moment: Too many

Favorite drill: Snap Shooting

Interests outside of paintball: Business

What do you drive: Winners

Top five music artists: Eminem, Big Pun, WU Tang, The Roots, Tupac

One thing you want to do before you die:  Relax

Goals for 2018:  

-Get Fiddys
-Pet Kitties
-Win Cities