Age: 30

Number: 13

Hometown: Oceanside, CA

Mentors: John Basilone

Years Professional: 1

Years playing: 12 years, started at 10 years old and took a pause from 17 to 26

First paintball experience: The post office paintball park, Rochester NY. Went with my brother and father. Was an old post office basement that was turned into a paintball facility. 

Previous team(s) and division(s): Played the NYPL with Northeast Destruction, and then went on to play in the AXBL with Sodus Predators both based out of upstate New York. I was a young kid in middle and high school at the time and then Enlisted into the Marine Corps.

Being Stationed in Camp Pendleton CA, and having access to Victory Paintball Park, I stepped back into the sport in 2018, playing with Camp Pendleton Marine Team in the WCPPL. For 2020 I played with Team Misfits for the UPL series as well as Los Angeles Collision in the WCPPL. Concurrently I also played with Veteran Militia in the NXL. My last teams I played with prior to Ironmen were San Diego Vice and Misfits in 2021. 

Current Ironmen Pro Position: Snake/Dorito 1

Proudest paintball moment at any time: Being offered the assignment to play with Los Angeles Ironmen, the history of this team and watching them for so many years to finally be able to wear the shield. 

Favorite Drill and other things you work on to stay sharp: My favorite drill is gun fighting or snap shooting. In terms of gun battling, having one shooter posted and the other having to fight his way into dominance. Working on that first shot accuracy to either contain or shoot the opponent. I practice out of Victory Paintball Park in Camp Pendleton California. When I’m not on the field I’m hiking in the mountains or doing weight training to stay athletically fit.

Interests outside of paintball: Recreational Shooting, studying military history and present day conflicts. 

What vehicle do you drive: Audi A4

Top five music artists: A day to remember, Rise against, Asking Alexandria, Blink 182, Hvnted

Goals for 2022 & beyond: To win the Season Championship with the Los Angeles Ironmen and to be a good Father, Husband and Leader to my Marines.

What does playing on Team Ironmen mean to you? From being a kid and opening Faceful magazines or watching footage from events, the Ironmen have always had their own play style that has drawn me in. Fast forward to the present day that style still exists. The past couple years I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to watch them play at my local field and to have this opportunity to carry the torch and bear the shield is an amazing opportunity that I’m extremely grateful for. 

Message to younger players: Morality and humility are your friend, it’s ok to fail. Just fail forward and learn from your mistakes. Ask questions, and be willing to listen and apply that mentorship. Everyone has a voice and something to offer. Stay mentally and physically healthy as they go hand in hand. Lean upon your friends and family for support and build a foundation of trust and you’ll succeed in anything you put your mind to. 

Shoutouts: I want to first thank my wife Stephanie, for holding down the fort when I’m on and off the field. Your ability to be an amazing mother to our children and wife all while being my number one fan means the world to me. I also want to shout out Dan Le, Tam Nguyen, Beau Roulette, Rance Gillespie and Mario Escobedo for all the support and the beautiful friendship we’ve created on and off the field. For that I’m grateful.