Name: Carlos Cortes

Age: 28

Number: 93

Playing nickname: Ceelos

Hometown: Miami, FL

Mentors: I will always want to thank Todd Martinez for giving me another shot in the division where I belong, my father for always making it seem like I never did enough which made me work harder making me the person I am today and my mother for always giving me a helping hand when I needed it the most

Years Professional: 4.5

Years playing: I started playing about 10 years old and I started when I was in middle school. My first gun was a Tippmann 98 Custom.

First paintball experience: Woodsball was my first love when the neighborhood homies grouped up and just had some fun in the woods.

Previous team(s) and division(s): Damage was my first pro team to help me get to where I am today. I gained a lot of knowledge from the veterans in the game and will always be grateful for that. Big thing I’d like to mention is that Jacob Edwards always told me to “play like it’s my last time on the field” and ever since then that’s how I maneuver in & out of practice or come event time I will leave my blood sweat & tears on whatever field I am on.

Current Ironmen Pro Position: Front/Mid

Proudest paintball moment: The time I played against Dynasty (playing with Damage) and Oliver was back with them, I remember playing against him and actually pulling off the point to win 4-3 knocking them out of the event.  

Biggest rival team/player: Whatever happens on the field stays on the field. I always want to beat anyone I am up against no matter what.

Favorite Drill and other things you work on to stay sharp: The triangle drill works on stability, stamina, endurance & accuracy. I start off with a physical to warm up before my drills to get the blood going. You can also add push ups if you fail to shoot one side of the triangle, to make it harder on yourself. I normally do these at Extreme Rage Paintball Park or Family Paintball Center before I head out to practice at the Victory Paintball Park or home field of the Ironmen. 

Interests outside of paintball: Working out, gaming/streaming, trading crypto currency

What vehicle do you drive: Honda Civic si

Top five music artists: 2pac, Biggie, Migos, Lil Wayne, Key Glock

Goals for 2021 & beyond: To not plateau in any state of mind and keep growing…

What does playing on Team Ironmen mean to you? I have made it on the longest running team in paintball history and want to add a couple trophies at Dye while being here! Also means that hard work does not go unnoticed so keep working hard and things will fall in the right place

Message to younger players: Biggest thing is to have fun while you’re at work and you won’t work a day in your life! Another thing is the internet is very big now a days so you need to let your gun speak for yourself, stay in your lane and just keep grinding! 

Shoutouts: Shoutout to everyone supporting me throughout my pro career. I appreciate and see everyone of you. Also big ups to our team sponsors without DYE, Gi Sportz, Victory Paintball Park, we wouldn’t have a place to play at, any paint or guns to shoot. Thank you for keeping the shield alive!