Age: 38

Number: 05

Hometown: Sacramento, CA

Current Ironmen Pro Position: Head Coach

Mentors: Doug Fujimoto

Playing nickname if you have one: Team Coach

Years playing:
I started playing paintball when I was 16, so I’ve been playing for over 20 years.

First paintball experience:
Seems like so long ago because it kinda was. The first time I played paintball was on a camping trip. It was my parents, brother and myself. We played 2 on 2. It really only took playing one time before we were playing at our local field, Paintball Sam's, every Sunday.

Previous team(s) and division(s):
The first team I played on was called The Family with my parents and my younger brother. It was only the four of us, so we would pick up anyone else who wanted to play. Our first tournament we took 2nd. Then I played on a team called 4 Guys and Nikki. With that team we played local tournaments and this is where I really learned how to play tournament paintball. I learned to shoot a lot of paint, communicate and stay alive for as long as possible. Then I played locally with my friends Erica, Brittany, Ashley and Trina. In early 2000, I played the NPPL circuit with Kapp Factory for 10-man and with Destiny for 5-man. In 2006, I moved to Southern California where Fran, Matt, Rosie and I started a kids divisional team. We were called the Golden State Knights. Then in 2017, the year after Todd became the Coach of the Ironmen, he made me the Assistant Coach and that’s when my pro coaching career started. During that time, I did our predictive analytics and helped with before-the-breakout audibles. Vegas 2020 was my first pro win. Now here we are in 2021 where we’re looking to add another trophy to the teams already amazing collection!

Proudest paintball moment:
Fran and I had a kids divisional team that consisted of players of the ages 13-17. When they took 1st place against a team that had more experienced players, I was incredibly proud. Such a cool thing to see. Then a close second to that was when I became paintball’s first female Head Coach of Team Ironmen.

Biggest rival team and/or player:
My biggest rival on the field is Franny. No question about that.

Favorite Drill and other things you work on to stay sharp:
Nowadays, I put myself in a position to always be listening, growing and coaching. It’s a special thing to have such a great place in Victory Paintball Park to do all of that on a consistent basis.

Interests outside of paintball:
Yoga, my succulent garden and Bonsai trees.

What vehicle do you drive?
Audi Q7

What does playing on Team Ironmen mean to you?
The Ironmen are an undeniably legendary team with a history of legendary players that all have an incredible will to win. To have the opportunity to be a part of that is extremely humbling and while I have it, I’m going to work hard to make the most of it.

Goals for 2021 & beyond:
My goals for 2021 are that the team stays healthy, continuing to learn & grow, and we’re playing on Sunday afternoon.

My parents have always been supportive of my dreams. I’m grateful that the four of us found paintball. Even though it’s been more than 20 years, it’s still a huge part of our lives. My parent’s field, WAP in Northern California, was where I spent my weekends playing for so many years. I’m lucky to have made so many amazing and supportive friends, especially Todd. When he came to coach the Ironmen, he made me the Assistant Coach and that’s when my pro coaching career started. Thank you, Todd. Everyday Franny helps me be a better version of myself and that helps me be a better coach. <3 Then there is everyone else that understands how important it is to me to make a difference and their support is extremely important and appreciated.