Age: 23

Number: 36

Hometown: Madison, WI

Years Professional: 1

Years Playing: 3 years playing paintball, first picked up a paintball gun at the age of 10 in 2009. 

First paintball experience: In the spring of 2009 I picked up a paintball gun for the first time. I joined my older  brother and some of his friends at Apocalypse Paintball in Poynette, WI for open play on wreck-ball fields.

Previous team(s) and division(s): In 2016, Mike Ullrich invited me to play with team Khaotik out of Apocalypse Paintball while I was in high school. He noticed I never played much on the balloon ball field but I played almost every weekend and was dedicated to playing the sport. I agreed to practice with the team and eventually made it on the roster. My first National event was with Khaotik in 2016, at the NXL Texas open, D3. After that season we decided we wanted something more out of paintball. We wanted to Win. The core members of the team including myself decided to join with team VINTAGE out of St. Paul, Minnesota. We quickly went up the ranks and won a series title in D3. After 3 years of playing for VINTAGE the team fell apart. Landing me back in Wisconsin, playing for Wisconsin Infamous.

Throughout my divisional journey, Mike Ullich and Dustin Richards followed me every step of the way. Khaotik, VINTAGE and Infamous, we always played together. Cody Mickowski coached us to a D2 World Cup victory and ultimately helped me land my spot on the Ironmen. 

Current Ironmen Pro Position: Utility Player

Proudest paintball moment: Winning World Cup D2 with Wisconsin Infamous.

Favorite Drill and other things you work on to stay sharp: 1v1 snap drills. This keeps everything sharp and is a full body workout.

Interests outside of paintball: Jewelry, Sneakers.

What vehicle do you drive: Honda, CRV.

Goals for 2021 & beyond: Build my own custom jewelry empire. Win a pro event. 

What does playing on Team Ironmen mean to you? 

To me, playing for the Ironmen is the first step of the dream becoming reality. The dream is to just play paintball. It's also the beginning of the future. It's the bottom of the mountain I still need to climb. I've been climbing hills to get to where I am now and this journey has only just begun. Being part of the Ironmen also means I get to be a part of the DYE family. The best family in paintball. Paintball is also my life, it's everything I love. And that's what the Ironmen will be for me, everything. 

Message to younger players (this is important as you are heroes in these kids eyes and this statement will motivate them to be you one day. Put thought into this one. Example (work hard at what you do, be proud, honest and fair, keep your grades up, as school is important, always stay in great  terms with parents, friends, etc..   

Hard work and dedication pays off. The more you get knocked down the stronger you get. Always get up and fight for what you want and deserve. It will come. 

Shoutouts (say good things about others and totally ok to give opposing players or teams an attaboy, or family, friends, teachers) etc... 

Shout out to the family back home for the support and knowledge over the years. Mike Ullrich, Dustin Richards, and Nick Spatola. Without you guys taking me in and making me part of the Khaotik family I would have never accomplished any of my paintball goals. 

Big thank you to Steve Jamroz for being there through every hard time and never leaving my side. 

To Cody Mickowski and Aaron Tholey, Thank you for helping me find my place in this sport and supporting me in every step of the way. Without you guys, none of this would have been possible. 

I would also like to thank my amazing girlfriend Tessa Komp for supporting me on this crazy and never ending journey. 

Thank You Ironmen, thank you Dave Youngblood.