Age: 18

Number: 17

Playing nickname: pikachu

Hometown: hooper

Years Professional: 1 year 

Years playing: I’ve been playing paintball ever since I was 9. I've been playing 9 years of competitive paintball.   

First paintball experience: First time I ever played was 2012 at Monstah paintball I was introduced into paintball by my brother Branden Martínez.

Previous team(s) and division(s): I am the Co founder of Utah Bro Army starting it in 2012. the only team I have ever played with in the past was Utah Bro army I’ve given my loyalty and respect to that team for it made me the player I am today!

Proudest paintball moment at any time: Many proud moments were made in paintball but one that sticks out was when my brother “Sage Lee” and I pulled off a 2 vs 3 to win 1st place at the 2017 Vegas open event. 

Biggest rival team/player: I’ve never had a rival against any team or player I’ve always tried my best to stay humble and disciplined.

What vehicle do you drive: 1988 Mazda Rx-7

Top five music artists: Felly, twenty one pilots, Daniel Caesars, Bruno major, peach pit 

Goals for 2021 & beyond: Getting into a more athletic role in paintball and taking 1 step at a time 

What does playing on Team Ironmen mean to you? To be 17 going in and playing Pro with the Los Ángeles Ironmen is truly and to think it’s only the beginning of my long career! 

Message to younger players: Dreams do come true. Hard work, dedication, discipline….etc. If I can do many great things before the age of 18 you can too!