Collection: DLS

Introducing the NEW LIMITED EDITION DYE DLS, a collaborative innovation featuring the legendary Paragon Core Bolt System. The DLS goes outside the bounds of what exists. Real innovation, true collaborative engineering - the DLS is the result of DYE’s commitment in listening to players, working with industry leaders and influencers to exceed player expectations. The standout Paragon Core bolt design unifies simplicity, utility and durability with unmatched air efficiency and unprecedented reliability.

The Patented Paragon Core represents tomorrow’s thinking delivered today. Patented innovation allows for an uncompromising level of elegance in its simplicity. The Paragon Core features a dwell independent valve and bolt cycle. The Paragon core boasts incredible efficiency and minimal points of failure to ensure maximum reliability. Continuing DYE’s commitment to collaborative innovation, the Paragon Core creates a unique spreading action between the bolt and the valve while the air is being forced closed by the air firing the paintball down the barrel. The Patented clutch design de-couples the valve action from the bolt cycle. This separation allows for optimized ball handling and valve efficiency. This unique action, combined with DYE’s industry best soft tip bolt design ensures players can put paintballs down field with unrelenting effectiveness.

Designed to meet the needs of players all across the board, DYE’s tried and true features are infused into the DLS, which include but not limited to the Flex Face Bolt Tip, SLAP ASA, MOSair Operating System, Edge2 Mag-Reach Trigger, 4th Gen Eye Pipe, UL 45 Frame, Hyper 6s Pro and much more.

The evolution continues with DYE’s ongoing development and advancement of marker technology. For the player looking for premium features and trusted technology that will keep you out on the field longer, THE DLS IS READY FOR ACTION.