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'Stick Them' UL-S Barrel Kit

'Stick Them' UL-S Barrel Kit

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Limited Edition  'Stick Them' kit - 50 made.

These were inspired from the Bayonet kit that came out last year. Each tip and barrel back are engraved **/50.

Kit includes - 3 Dye UL-S backs .680, .684, .688, 14" UL-S Blood on Black Barrel tip, Boom box, and certificate of Authenticity!

New to the DYE barrel line is the UL-S Barrel Tip originally found on the all-new M3s marker, but now available on its own. This new tip features a progressive porting pattern that offers an ultra-quiet shot and multi-phase precision honing that is the most accurate and consistent finish available in paintball. The high quality level of honing found on the UL-S Barrel Tip eliminates ball spin and improves accuracy. DYE barrels set the standard for accuracy and quality over 20 years ago and continue to do so today.

  • "Stick Them" Engraving in each barrel back
  • Limited Edition- 30 total sets made!
  • Boom Box Included
  • Certificate of Authenticity 
  • Progressive porting
  • Ultra-quiet sound signature
  • Optimized harmonics
  • Precision multi stage honing
  • Self-centering 2 piece design
  • Superior accuracy


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